Most watched: Tsunami fears as monster iceberg looms dangerously close to small Greenland village

This story first appeared on Wednesday July 25

There are fears of a tsunami hitting the settlement if the iceberg breaks up. Source: 1 NEWS

There are fears an 11 million-tonne iceberg sitting dangerously close to a small village in Greenland could trigger a deadly tsunami.

Dozens of residents of the village Innarsuit were evacuated to higher ground last week due to concerns the iceberg might break apart, creating high waves that could wash away coastal buildings.

The iceberg is so huge that it can be seen from space and it's around the same height as London's Big Ben.

The European Space Agency released an image last week showing the giant iceberg just off the coast of Innaarsuit in northwestern Greenland.

Monster icebergs are not uncommon at this time of year, but the danger with this one is how close it is to land.