Most read story: Daycare tells off parents of three-year-old girl for 'inappropriate' dress

Note: This story was first published on Monday May 28

On a stinking hot day in Winnipeg, Canada, Lola Stonehouse's day care wasn't happy with what she was wearing. Source: Breakfast

A Canadian preschool's decision to forbid a three-year-old girl from wearing her favourite sundress because it was deemed inappropriate has been described as "ridiculous" by her parents.

Lola Stonehouse wore the pink and orange dress to a Winnipeg nursery school on a 30 degree day, and her parents were informed the clothing did not meet the preschool's dress code.

"It was just a straightforward simple sundress that had crisscrossed straps on her shoulders, and apparently they were too thin," Lola's father, Jamie Stonehouse, told CBS radio show As It Happens.

"That's all we were told. We weren't given any specific details or anything, other than her straps on her dress weren't two inches wide, therefore it was deemed inappropriate."

The Little Years Nursery School's claim it was enforcing a dress code was however rejected by the broader elementary school within which the nursery is housed - which said it has no dress code.

Mr Stonehouse said his daughter didn't understand why she would no longer be allowed to wear the dress to school.

"At three years old, telling a little girl she can't wear something is absolutely ridiculous," he said.

"I even remember myself, being a little boy and picking out what I wanted to wear and going to school looking goofy half the time. That's the joy of being a kid is you can wear what you want to wear."

The Stonehouses have decided to comply with the dress request of the nursery school, but this has not stopped Lola from getting decked out in them at home.

"She's actually got two of them on right now," Mr Stonehouse told CBS.