Most read: 'I didn't realise what life was until she was born' - Meet the 11-year-old Texas girl who ages too fast

Adalia Rose has one of the rarest conditions in the world, but despite suffering an aging condition, has taken the internet by storm with over 170 million views on Youtube.

Adalia has Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome - a genetic condition which is characterised by the signs of accelerated ageing. The disease affects less than 500 people in the world.

Progeria is caused by a mutation in a gene called LMNA which produces the Lamin A protein, used to hold the nucleus of a cell together.

Other symptoms include dwarfism, lack of body fat and muscle, loss of hair, visible veins, a high-pitched voice and stiffness in joints.

The 'diva' from Austin, Texas also has more than 13 million likes on Facebook. 

"I guess I am a diva, because I always get what I want!" Adalia said.

Adalia's mother Natalia Pallante said that when she was born to when she was a month old the doctors weren't happy with her growth.

"She was diagnosed at maybe like three months old. That's when the real changes started happening."

She said that is when she started losing her hair and her veins started showing up more and her skin was thinning out.

The life expectancy for a child with this disease is 13 years old but despite her health issues, Adalia is relishing her internet stardom.

Her social media channels feature her singing and showing off her make-up skills, showing her infectious personality.

"She sees herself as being different. Sometimes there's days where she says 'I wish I was taller, I wish I had hair, I wish I looked like everybody else, I wish I could do what everybody else can do.

"But then she'll be like, 'Who needs hair anyways, I have a bunch of wigs, I can have different hair everyday'.

The family say they are taking it a day at a time and avoid talking life expectancy with their daughter so they do not scare her.

Her father Ryan says, "We just try and treat her like a normal 11-year-old and give her the best life."

Her mother says that Adalia has changed her life completely.

"It's not like I was hateful but I wasn't nice to myself. I wasn't thankful. I didn't realise what life was until she was born."