More countries head into lockdown as coronavirus continues to spread

Worldwide nearly three billion people are in lockdown as the world deals with the rapid spread of coronavirus. 

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New Zealand won't be the only country in lockdown to halt the spread of Covid-19. Source: 1 NEWS

The UK has seen the biggest one day rise in deaths, while Europe’s coronavirus epicentre records its slowest rate of infections for three days in a row.

It’s Britain’s new reality, with virus patrols policing the streets to enforce social distancing while the military dropped off essential supplies to hospitals. 

However, despite the new lockdown measures, there continues to be more cases and more deaths for the country. 

Lexi Taylor, who believes she has the virus, is looking after her three children while her husband is forced to continue working in a factory. 

“I need him here to support me and to stay indoors like the government has said.” 

It may be early days, but there are signs that Italy’s severe lockdown measures are working as for the third day in a row, infection rates have slowed in Europe’s epicentre for the virus. 

It’s the slither of hope that they’ve needed as the number of deaths in the country has already doubled China’s death toll. 

Denmark, which has a similar population of New Zealand but is a sixth of the size, went in to lockdown a fortnight ago where its new cases slowed significantly after five days. 

Globally cases have risen exponentially to more than 400,000 since the start of the outbreak and more than 18,000 have died. 

However, more than 100,000 have recovered so far which is expected for vast majority who get infected. 

In Spain, ten days after its national lockdown, nearly 4,000 people have recovered so far as the country struggles to get a grip on the outbreak.

Authorities in the wider region surrounding China’s city of Wuhan are starting to lift restrictions after no new local transmissions for several days.