Moby, Monica Lewinsky throw epic LA dance party for cyberbullied 'Dancing Man'

Moby and Monica Lewinsky attended a dance party in Hollywood for a man who was body-shamed in a cruel anonymous online post.

"Dancing Man" Sean O'Brien of London was the victim of cyber bullying on the 4Chan website in February, when a post was submitted with pictures of him dancing.

"Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week," the post read.

"He stopped when he saw us laughing."

In an unusual moment of the Internet restoring faith in humanity, the post was picked up and a viral movement began under the hashtag #DancingMan, with people leaping to his defence.

The social media movement eventually led to a party being organised, supported by celebrities like Moby, Pharrell Williams and even Monica Lewinsky.

The 47-year-old was flown to the US and was a guest on the Today Show in New York before he headed for Los Angeles for a dance party.