No Kiwi troops injured in missile attack on Camp Taji in Iraq - NZDF

Rockets fired at Camp Taji US air base in Iraq landed outside of the Taji Military Complex, the New Zealand Defence Force has confirmed.

File picture. Source: NZDF

At the time of the rockets being fired a NZDF spokesperson told 1 NEWS there were no NZDF personnel in the vicinity.

The spokesperson confirmed the rockets landed approximately three kilometres outside of the complex. 

"All NZDF personnel in Camp Taji are safe and accounted for. As you will be aware, these events are a regular occurrence," a NZDF spokesperson said. 

"The NZDF takes all precautions necessary in theatre to keep our people safe and continues to monitor the security situation."

Up to 45 New Zealand military personnel work in non-combat training roles at Taji Military Complex in Iraq. The Government had already planned to withdraw all troops by June this year.

Initial reports were mixed, with Sky News reporting a member of the security forces had been wounded in an explosion near the camp's gates.

The Iraqi Military has since issued a statement saying there were no casualties after Taji was targeted by Katyusha rockets.

American troops are stationed at the base making it a target for Iran-backed Shiite militant groups in the aftermath of the US air strike that killed top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.

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It comes two days after Iranian-backed protestors attacked the US embassy in Baghdad. Source: 1 NEWS