Militants admit to shooting down MH17 - reports

A conversation between militants thought to have shot down flight MH17 has been released by Ukrainian security services.

The transcript, published in English by the Kyiv Post, is a series of phone calls intercepted by the Security Services of Ukraine believed to be between Russian Military intelligence officers and members of terrorist groups.

One of the phone calls appears to be between two militants nicknamed Major and Greek inspecting the crash scene less than an hour after the plane crashed.

In the calls, Major and Greek can be overheard discussing that the plane "fell apart in the air" and noting that the flight was "100 percent a passenger (civilian) aircraft".

Major can be heard describing to the Greek seeing parts of the plane and "bodies".

Greek then asks Major if he can see any documents. Major replies that he has found one from an Indonesian student studying at a "university in Thompson".

In another intercepted call, the Cossack commander Nikolay Kozitsin and and an unidentified militant can be overheard discussing the many "bodies of women and children" they have found at the crash scene.

The militant is then heard asking the commander why the plane was in Ukrainian territory. To which the commanders replies: "That means they were carrying spies.

"They shouldn't be f***ing flying. There is a war going on."