Mexico quake: Dramatic rescue attempt of trapped girl unfolding at collapsed school



Associated Press

Rescuers are busy trying to rescue a young girl from the rubble of a Mexico City school following a powerful earthquake that killed at least 223 people yesterday.

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The ongoing rescue at the Enrique Rebsamen school, where 25 people including 21 children perished, has become emblematic of Mexicans' rush to save survivors before time runs out.

Rescuers are trying to reach a young girl, trapped, but still alive in the rubble.
Source: Associated Press

Helmeted workers spotted the girl buried in the debris earlier and shouted to her to move her hand if she could hear.

She did, and a rescue dog was sent inside to confirm she was alive.

Hours later the crews were still labouring to free her, as images of the rescue effort were broadcast on TV screens nationwide.

Workers in neon vests and helmets used ropes, pry-bars and other tools, frequently calling on the anxious parents and others gathered around to be silent while they listened for any other voices from beneath the school.

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