Meet the Aussie journalist who tells on her internet trolls - to their mums

Alanah Pearce, a gaming journalist from Australia, has been tracking down young people who send her abuse online, and showing the evidence to their mothers.

Alanah Pearce.

The 21-year-old reviews games for radio stations and television, as well as curating her own YouTube channel. She says the recent addition of the channel may have sparked a recent increase in abusive messages.

Ms Pearce told The Guardian she assumed her abusers were middle-aged men, but instead discovered they were mostly "young boys who don't know any better".

"So responding to them rationally didn't resolve the situation. And it got to the point where their comments were starting to make me feel really uncomfortable."

She said it's "shockingly easy" to track down the abusers because most of the messages were sent via Facebook.

Ms Pearce wrote to four women, and one got back to her. She posted it to Twitter (WARNING: Graphic language) and to date has received more than 30,000 retweets and more than 55,000 favourites. She also appeared on Channel 7 Australia's breakfast show, Sunrise.

"It was just a way to try to reach a resolution, to productively teach young boys it's not okay to be sexist to women, even if they're on the internet."