Massive outpouring of support for Australia bushfire victims sees $200 million raised

Australia's bushfire emergency has prompted an outpouring of donations from all around the world, with more than $200 million raised so far.

Firefighters, injured animals and devastated communities are all in line to receive massive injections of cash.

But there are still questions over exactly how the money will be spent.

Australian Red Cross's Noel Clement says they've received $60 million.

"[The money is coming from] from very large corporates giving us a lot of funds, through to a young boy who gave us his year's pocket money," he says.

That money supports 2000 volunteers across fives state and territories, helping around 20,000 people as well as hundreds of $5000 emergency grants and psychological care.

Mr Clement says the recovery will be a marathon, not a sprint.

"Communities take time to recover and need some time to be able to identify their needs," he says.

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But the devastating effect on food supplies means shoppers will be hit in the pocket, 1 NEWS Australia correspondent Ryan Boswell reports. Source: 1 NEWS

Another $30 million has been donated to the NSW Rural Fire Service, currently held in a trust.

As the standard firefighting equipment, such as hoses and trucks, is paid for by the state government, the money is instead likely to go to helping support the volunteers.

Comedian Celeste Barber raised more than $51 million on Facebook, also going to the Rural Fire Service and other groups.

Other money has also gone towards helping the wild animals affected by the disaster.

So far, the Australian government has made payments to 33,000 people in need