Mark Zuckerberg meets with US lawmakers following Facebook data breach scandal



Associated Press

Here's what Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wanted 44 senators to know about the scandal in which Cambridge Analytica used the massive social platform to access 87 million users: He made mistakes. Facebook's mission is to "help people connect". And no, he's not resigning.

An emotional Zuckerberg admitted mistakes were made under intense questioning by senators.
Source: 1 NEWS

"I made mistakes. Big challenge but we've solved problems before," read Zuckerberg's notes, which he left sitting on his desk during a break in testimony to the Senate Judiciary and Commerce committees. "Going to solve this one."

The senators peppered him with questions about an array of Facebook's lengthy privacy policy and data, but didn't always seem to know how to follow up Zuckerberg's talk of algorithms and AI systems.

"Your user agreement sucks," Republican Senator John Kennedy, from Louisiana, told Zuckerberg in hour four of the hearing.

Zuckerberg repeatedly said unsatisfied Facebook members can adjust their privacy settings - or delete their accounts.

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