Malian mother’s nonuplets have tough fight ahead, doctors say

The nine babies born to a woman from Mali remain in a stable condition, but doctors say they still have a tough road ahead.

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But, doctors say the non-uplets still have a tough road ahead. Source: 1 NEWS

The five girls and four boys weigh between 500 grams and 1 kilogram. Their 25-year-old mother, Halima Cisse, is reportedly doing well.

A team of 35 doctors and nurses is looking after the family. Cisse, who is from the city of Timbuktu, gave birth to the babies by caesarean section on Wednesday in Morocco.

She was sent to Morocco because hospitals in Mali were ill-equipped to provide care for the multiple pregnancy. She had been expecting to deliver seven babies.

The births could mark the first time on record that a women gives birth to nine surviving babies at once. Two previous sets of nonuplets only survived a few days.