'This will make things difficult' - PM Jacinda Ardern critical of Trump's controversial Jerusalem endorsement

It comes after the US recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Source: 1 NEWS

'This is a social and economic disaster for the country' - Phil Twyford hits out over housing report

The dire state of the housing market has been laid out to the new minister in charge in official documents today.

One hundred and seventy Briefings to Incoming Ministers – from every government department – were made public today.

The housing briefings describe the market as "sub-optimal" and says a shortfall of housing in the private market is creating increasing financial stress and poverty for many, across the country.

Demand for state housing increased by 72 per cent between September 2015 and September this year.

And it says the under-supply of housing is contributing to higher house prices, dragging down productivity potential and increasing government costs.

"High house prices…transfer wealth from younger and less wealthy people to existing landowners, who are generally richer and older," the report states.

Housing Minister Phil Twyford criticised the past government today after receiving the report. 

"The picture that emerges from the briefings … there is a massive level of un-met demand.. the fact the government has been spending $100,000 a day on motels."

He said he did not think it was an "anomaly". 

"It reflects a housing market that has been getting significantly worse since 2010/2011. We've inherited a mess, this is a social and economic disaster for the country it is quite complex."

He said he was shocked to see there was a housing shortfall across New Zealand of 71,000. 

However previous Housing Minister Nick Smith defended the previous government's stance on housing.

"In my period as minister we grew the number of houses in New Zealand from 14,000 a year to 31,000 a year," he said. 

"It's about as fast as you grow the housing sector."

The documents also outline the pressure the health system is under – and says it needs to operate very differently if it is to continue to deliver for New Zealanders.

The new information comes in a briefing to the new Housing Minister, Phil Twyford. Source: 1 NEWS


Woman at centre of Australia 60 Minutes defamation case describes being forced to take virginity test aged 13

The woman at the centre of an Australia 60 Minutes defamation case has told a jury in a Sydney court of being regularly beaten by her older brother who was "very focused on chastity".

Nadia Tabbaa, now 29, said when she was eight, she left Jordan with her mother and siblings to live in Sydney where her older brother Omar was extremely abusive about her taking part in swimming, gymnastics, or sleepovers and about the way she dressed.

"He was extremely violent all the time," she said in the NSW Supreme Court yesterday.

"He belted us with a belt, a kettle cord and thongs" from the time he arrived in Sydney until she was taken back to Jordan in 2002 at the age of 13.

Ms Tabbaa broke down as she recalled the moment she was forced to take a virginity test in a Jordan hospital that same year.

Ms Tabbaa is giving evidence on behalf of the Nine Network, which is being sued for defamation by her parents, Mouhammad Tabbaa and his former wife Pamela Tabbaa, over a 60 Minutes program broadcast in 2014.

In the interview, she says she was kidnapped at 13 when holidaying in Egypt, taken to Syria to live with relatives and forced to marry her older cousin.

Ms Tabbaa told the jury she barely saw her father when they lived in Amman before she came to live in Sydney when she was eight, and Omar became the disciplinarian and father figure.

"From my understanding, Omar came to Australia believing we would live an Islamic lifestyle," she said.

He was shocked their Australian-born mother had abandoned Islam.

He also abused her for going on sleepovers "in a house with strange men" and disapproved of her wearing swimming suits or leotards.

"Everything to him was sexualised," she said.

"Everything was very focused on chastity."

From the age of eight, he would say things like: "why are you dressed like a slut?"

The hearing continues.

Nadia Tabbaa. Source: Nine