Major flooding as severe weather batters Samoa; weather warnings issued

Schools have been closed in Samoa as severe weather batters the island nation, with warnings of flying objects and uprooted trees during the storm.

Heavy rain and strong winds are lashing the region due to a broad low pressure system.

Videos show rushing brown water flooding the streets, pushing debris with force.

People are warned to drive carefully and pay attention to the weather conditions, including making sure they don't try and cross fords or bridges when it's dangerous.

There are fears that as well as flooding, the storm could uproot trees and send objects flying, according to Samoa's meteorology division.

"Damaging gusty winds, torrential rain and damaging heavy swells" are forecast from this evening into tomorrow.

All government-operated schools are closed temporarily due to the storm, the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture says. 

It's expected they'll be able to reopen on Thursday.

The storm has a "low potential" of developing into a tropical cyclone during the next 24 to 48 hours.