Los Angeles Zoo under threat as raging southern California wildfires edge closer

A raging southern California wildfire spread to Griffith Park in Los Angeles, near the city's zoo, this morning.

Two wildfires raging west of Los Angeles have force thousands of people to leave their homes.

The Los Angeles and Ventura County fire departments say a number of buildings have been destroyed or damaged, but exact numbers weren't available early this morning.

The flames are being driven by southern California's notorious Santa Ana winds, which blow from the northeast toward the coast.

Both fires erupted on Thursday afternoon and have grown rapidly.

One fire that broke out near the northeast corner of Los Angeles has roared westward, jumped US 101 highway in the Calabasas area and is surging up the Santa Monica mountains.

The city of Malibu has narrowed a mandatory evacuation order issued as the wildfire approaches.

Malibu initially said the order issued early this morning applied to the entire city but has now defined an area that is approximately the western two-thirds of the community.

The so-called Woolsey Fire erupted on Friday northwest of Los Angeles and has been swept southward toward the ocean by strong Santa Ana winds.

The flames are being driven by the notorious Santa Ana winds. Source: Associated Press