A look at some of the quirky new record holders in the Guinness Book of Records 2021

From the world's shortest bus driver, to rats doing tricks, the Guinness Book of Records is showcasing weird and wonderful achievements once again.

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The world's shortest bus driver and rats doing tricks are among this year’s records. Source: Associated Press

Some of the record breakers include Luke Roberts from Watford, England, His pet rats, who he refers to as "the boys," broke a record for high fiving (or high pawing) in a minute.

Frank Faeek Hachem, who also hails from the UK, broke the record for the being the shortest bus driver. He stands at 136.2cm (4ft 5.6 inches) and drives a completely unmodified bus - he just has to adjust the seat and the steering wheel.

Elsewhere, Gary Duschl from the US has entered the Book thanks to the longest gum wrapper chain – stretching to 2,555,68 metres.

Eleven-year-old Nigerian Eche Chinoso has broken the record for doing the most keepie ups while balancing a football on his head (111), while Sarah Louis-Jean from Canada has achieved the most floor taps with boleadoras in one minute (385).

Finally, Australian Eva Clarke managed to break four records - most chest to ground push-up burpees in 24 hours (female) – 5,555, most pull ups in 24 hours (female) – 3,737, most knuckle push-ups in 24 hours (female) – 9,241, and most burpees in 24 hours (female) – 12,003.

The Guinness Book for Records 2021 is available on 17 September 2020.