London Mayor Sadiq Khan hits back at Trump criticism - 'The amplification of a racist tweet'

London Mayor Sadiq Khan today responded to critical tweets by US President Donald Trump about his handling of violence, following a recent spate of murders in Britain's capital.

In various tweets, Trump referred to Mr Khan as a "national disgrace," "disaster," and also shared a tweet by right-wing commentator Katie Hopkins, in which she called London "Khan's Londonistan" and "Stab-City."

Speaking to Sky today, Khan said: "My concern isn't that, you know, he's obsessed with me. My concern is the amplification of a racist tweet that normalises racism. And that's wrong."

The mayor also expressed concern over an increase in violent crime in London, blaming the upsurge on government funding cuts.

"There is a link between the massive cuts in police resources, and the increase in violent crime," Khan said.

"Not withstanding that, I'm going to make sure that from City Hall, from London, we do what we can to tackle the issue of violent crime.

That means being tough on violent crime, but also the causes too," he added.

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The US Presidents has been critical of Sadiq Khan’s handling of violence. Source: Associated Press