'Let's get out of here, buddy' - US cop battles through burning building to rescue dogs

Caledonia, Wisconsin K-9 Officer Cory Radke and his partner Lou were on their way home when he saw smoke in the sky.

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Bodycam video shows Cory Radke kick their way into the building to save Deezel and Fido. Source: Associated Press

"Then dispatch is like, starts calling to every squad in Caledonia, 'Start heading for the structure fire,'" said Radke. "I was like, 'Well, that answers that. Here we go!'"

Radke was first to arrive at the home earlier this week. He kicked in the side door to the garage, making his way through the calling out for dogs.

The K-9 officer found the first dog, Deezel, on the couch.

"Just like of like, 'Hey, what are you doing here?' Smoke in the room," said Radke. "'Come on, let's get out of here, buddy'"

The officer went back in to check for people or more pups.

"The smoke was getting to me," said Radke. "Had to get on out of there and let the true heroes clear it."

Firefighters found Fido hiding under a bed.

"Fire department went in there and ended taking out a window and crawling in there and getting the dog out, bringing them out of the smoke," said Radke. "It was like a little Lion King moment there."

The home was severely damaged, but no one was hurt, and the owners weren't home at the time.

Radke says he's a dog lover himself and anyone would've done the same if his own home was on fire.

"If it's like, my dog, he's part of the family," he said.