Lawyer says limousine driver not guilty after crash killed 20 people

The lawyer for a limo service operator arrested in a crash that killed 20 people says his client isn't guilty.

The attorney, Lee Kindlon, spoke to reporters after Nauman Hussain's arrest. State police said they charged the 28-year-old Hussain with criminally negligent homicide in last weekend's crash in Schoharie.

Kindlon says police "jumped the gun in charging him with any crime."

Police called Hussain the operator of Prestige Limousine, but Kindlon says Hussain handled marketing and phone calls while his father ran the company day to day.

Prestige Limousine has come under intense scrutiny since the wreck.

State officials have said the limo failed an inspection and was declared "unserviceable" September 4. Kindlon has said safety problems were corrected, though the state says that's not so.