'I launched into him': Female Kiwi kickboxer tackles cyclist who groped her

A young man who tried to grope a Kiwi woman in Australia quickly learned he picked on the wrong woman when she charged him off his bike.

Little did he realise, Renee Ker is an ex-competitive kickboxer and current triathlete who says she "doesn't play the victim very well".

"He rode up behind me and grabbed my backside and slipped his hands between my legs," Ms Ker told Daily Mail Australia.

"I launched into him and knocked him off his bike... was about to punch him before I realised he was quite young."

Triathlete Renee Ker was running in Cairns when she said a man "slipped his hands between my legs". Source: Instagram, Renee Ker Triathlete

Ms Ker, who represents New Zealand in triathlon, was running in Cairns when the incident happened and said she "saw red".

The alleged groper, who is thought to be aged between 15 and 17, fled the scene and left behind his bike, helmet and hat.

"He absolutely picked the wrong woman... or maybe the right woman," Ms Ker said.

"I'm glad it was me and not someone else."

Police are currently investigating the incident and say the young man has not yet been identified.

They described his build as slim, with a dark complexion, short dark hair and around 160 to 170cm tall.