Landslide in Papua New Guinea kills 15 people, including three children

At least 15 people died when a landslide engulfed a makeshift village of alluvial gold miners in Papua New Guinea's Central Province.

The bodies of seven men, five women and three children have been recovered after the landslide at Saki village in Goilala early on Monday, PNG newspaper The National reported.

Some of the dead were alluvial gold miners from surrounding villages camped at the foot of a mountain when heavy rain triggered the landslide.

Goilala MP William Samb, who visited the village on Tuesday, said the priority now was to return the bodies to their home villages.

In a meeting with villagers he stressed the dangers of alluvial mining in the area.

"You are cutting through the mountainside, cutting down trees that hold the ground together. You need to move to a safe location away from the cliffside."

Villagers also lost food gardens in the landslide.