'The Lady and The Trump' - Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber contemplates Trump Musical

Musical theater composer Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber shares his thoughts on Donald Trump's shock election win on The Graham Norton Show this week.

The composer of The Phantom of the Opera, Evita and Cats appeared on the most recent episode of The Graham Norton Show brainstorming some potential ideas for a musical about the recent US Presidential elections.

"Whatever you think, it's an amazing story - Trump: The Musical," said Graham Norton, Lord Webber countered with "The Lady and The Trump".

Graham Norton sparked a Donald Trump focused conversation by noting Lord Webber and Mr Trump had been friendly at times. 

"If you've been kind of vaguely in the scene in New York it's quite hard not to know the president-elect," he said.

"He wanted to come to the opening of the School of Rock, and actually I managed to persuade him not to come," said Lord Webber.

Lord Webber voiced his opinion on Trump and the impact his election campaign had on British composers like himself.

"I really genuinely wonder if he thought any of this was going to happen," he said. "I think what he's been saying and what he's been doing in the rallies and everything is absolutely shocking."

Lloyd Webber along with other British composers were not happy Trump kept using their music in his rallies. 

"We asked him to not use our music."

But he believes "we might be alright" if Mr Trump surrounds himself with "good" people.