'I know a hell of a cliffhanger when I see one' - Jimmy Kimmel, Alec Baldwin recreate famous Shortland Street scene

What's been undisputed as the Kiwi TV moment of 2017, has been picked up by American Late Night TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Just days after hosting the Oscars, TV host, Kimmel and actor Alec Baldwin turned their attention to re-enacting Shortland Street's infamous cliffhanger from the February 10 episode.

In the show aired last night (NZ time) Kimmel tells his audience that soap operas are a dying breed in the US but he thinks they could use one like Shortland Street.

"I don't know much about the show itself, but what I do know is a hell of a cliffhanger when I see one," he said.

After playing the famous "please tell me that is not your penis" clip, he enlists in the help of Baldwin to recreate the scene.

Kimmel takes on the role of Harry, his sidekick Guillermo wears a long brown wig to play Harry's love interest, Lily, and Baldwin takes on the character Dr Chris Warner (Michael Galvin).

In the scene Harry arrives home with love interest, Lily, and the teens are met by Harry's dad, Chris who is waiting for them and sends Lily home.

Chris then confronts Harry holding a tablet, explaining to him that Harry's messages are synced to the device.

"Please tell me that is not your penis!" Chris yells and the episode comes to a dramatic close.

The crowd at Jimmy Kimmel Live can be heard in hysterics after watching the three men attempt to recreate a scene that is quickly becoming one of New Zealand's most iconic.