Kiwis stuck in Covid-ravaged India make desperate plea for repatriation flight

Kiwis stuck in India have made a desperate plea, with one saying "I just want to be back".

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It's becoming more and more difficult for Kiwi citizens stuck in the virus ravaged country to get home. Source: 1 NEWS

As case numbers in the Covid-stricken nation soared past 400,000 for the first time today, New Zealanders there are calling on the Government to help them get home.

New Zealand citizen Manish Bansal told 1 NEWS his wife and two young children are in Auckland.

"One of them is a baby, a two-year-old baby so it's quite hard on my partner," he said.

"The situation is very alarming, ‘cause there are no hospital beds, no treatments, because the whole system is overwhelmed by the sheer numbers."

"[My partner's] worried I might get sick, and some of the Kiwis have already got sick," Bansal said.

The most common route from India to New Zealand is via Dubai on Emirates but a ban on those flights has been extended until May 14.

The United States has also now barred entry to most non-citizens, flying from India.

"We'd like to request if one-time repatriation flights could be arranged for the Kiwis stuck in India... there are at least 100 Kiwi citizens who are desperate to come back home,” Bansal said.

1 NEWS have spoken to other citizens this week, making the same plea.

"Maybe what New Zealand could do is charter some flights," said Sujatha Selwyn.

The Government says there's no plans for repatriation flights right now.

But the Prime Minister has told media she is waiting to see if commercial flights resume, and that any decision would need to go before Cabinet.

In a statement, a Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson said, "MFAT strongly encourages New Zealanders in India to register on SafeTravel to ensure they have all up-to-date advice and information".

Australia was planning a repatriation flight for its citizens in India, but with a new total travel ban in place, it's been called off.

Today the Australian government said citizens could face five years in jail if they fly home from India during the temporary suspension.