Kiwi teen in coma for 16 days after Brisbane McDonald's attack speaks for first time: 'It's like a dream' to still be alive




A 17-year-old New Zealander left fighting for his life in a Brisbane hospital after being attacked outside a McDonald's in May, has spoken about the incident for the first time since coming out of an induced coma.

Joshua Waite, formerly of Hamilton, sustained severe head injuries after being kicked in the face on May 12.

He was then put into an induced coma for 16 days with doctors giving him little chance of making a full recovery.

At one stage doctors were forced to remove part of the teenager's skull to relieve swelling, making his recovery even more incredible.

"I remember waking up in hospital but I didn't know why I was in hospital," Mr Waite told Nine News.

"It was kind of weird. Just waking up and finally remembering and you're just looking around thinking why you're in hospital."

During his first interview since leaving a Brisbane hospital, Mr Waite has talked about just how lucky he was to survive the attack.

"I appreciate being alive today. Actually, it kind of feels like I am in heaven or something. It's like a dream. That's how I can kind of explain it."

The Kiwi teen is positive despite still having a long recovery ahead of him. He currently has no sense of smell and his full brain functions are still returning.

Jake Ashley Law-Cobbo, 18, was charged with grievous bodily harm over the incident and was denied bail on May 17.  

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