Kiwi teacher in Sweden fears she’ll be infected with Covid-19 as cases spike

A Kiwi teacher living in Sweden admits she’s feeling unsettled as the country unveils tougher restrictions to fight coronavirus as infections and deaths surge.

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The government there is announcing measures to try and tackle the virus. Source: 1 NEWS

Nelson-born Melissa Brice, who manages a school in Stockholm, fears many have underestimated the second wave.

"I’m kind of at the realisation I’m probably going to get it, my daughter is probably going to get it and that’s really concerning," the mother of two told 1 NEWS.

Sweden has changed course on its strategy to stop the spread of Covid-19 after previously favouring lighter measures compared to the rest of Europe.

"I know people were saying to me, 'Sweden is crazy! You're all going to die!' and I would say, 'No, we have to stay calm and carry on," Brice said.

More than 6,300 Covid-19 deaths have been recorded as new infections rise to more than 200,000, placing more pressure on the country’s health system.

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven warned the situation was going to worsen and earlier this week limited all public gatherings to no more than eight people.

"Don’t go to the gym, don’t go to the library, don’t have dinner out, don’t have parties – cancel!" he said.

In a televised address, Lofven blamed Swedes for not following the current rules urging citizens to "do your duty" and "take responsibility" to stop the spread of the virus, but he fell short of placing the country in full lockdown.

During the first wave in March, when Europe and the rest of the world lived in lockdown, Sweden refused and took a soft approach in the belief infections would breed herd immunity.

Brice and her daughter are both considering returning home.

The new Covid-19 measures will be in place for four weeks before being reviewed just before Christmas.