Kiwi make-up entrepreneurs hitting it big at 'crazy, different world' of New York Fashion Week

Two Wellington woman, Hannah Duder and Bonnie Howland, had a goal to make a sustainable make-up brand and give back half of their profits to charity.

The two young women from Wellington want to create a sustainable brand. Source: Seven Sharp

Seven Sharp helped them launch their first product, a mascara, last year, and viewers of the TVNZ1 show generously gave them tens of thousands of dollars to do it.

Now, they've made it all the way to New York Fashion Week with their brand Indigo & Iris.

"It's been really cool to see the make up artists and the models and everyone here at fashion week just loving Indigo," creator Hannah Duder says.

The young entrepreneurs were undaunted by launching their mascara Levitate at one of the biggest weeks in the industry.

"Fashion is a high pressure, high intensity world and it's very intimidating to a lot of people," Bonnie Howland says.

"I think something that's been really cool for me is we're just being ourselves, and we don't have to try and fit into this crazy different world, I mean we're at New York Fashion week," Hannah Duder says.

"We're just like being ourselves and we're being received really well, so that's so cool."