Kiwi conservationist recovering after venomous snake bite in Costa Rica

Conservationist Pete Bethune is recovering after being bitten by a deadly snake in Costa Rica.

Pete Bethune (file photo). Source: 1 NEWS

The Kiwi was working in the jungle of Corcovado National Park when he was bitten by a fer-de-lance snake.

Larisa Kellett, spokesperson for Bethune's non-profit Earthrace, said his condition deteriorated and he had to be carried out of the jungle.

"He was with a couple of other rangers and had to journey out of the jungle which was a challenge in itself because it's very dense.

"At first he could stand and move but once the venom got a hold of him he had to be carried out to a beach where a boat came and picked him up."

Kellett said he was taken to hospital where he was given anti-venom.

"I had an initial chat with him not long after it happened but it was obvious he was struggling and in excruciating pain, his speech was impaired so I was only able to chat to him for a moment," she said.

"He has made it through the night - they've given him anti-biotics but yeah his body is just working really hard to fight off the venom."

It's not the first time Bethune has been injured doing his work - in 2017 he was stabbed in the chest in Brazil.