Kind customers buy up large at California donut store so owner can spend more time with sick wife

Every morning, a California donut shop's entire inventory is cleared out just three hours after opening - because their customers keep on coming.

It isn't just for the sweet treats, though, but for the couple who ran the Doughnut City shop together for 30 years, John and Stella Chhan, CNN reports.

Last month, Stella suffered a brain aneurysm and had to be placed in a nursing home, and their customers, seeing Mr Chhan working at the store every day, wanted to help out so he could more time with his wife.

Regular customer Steven O'Fallon holds fond childhood memories of the store, recalling, "I would drop by there with my mom and dad in the mornings before school".

"John would always toss a few extra doughnut holes. He always has a smile on his face."

Another customer, Jenee Rogers, has been purchasing donuts from the Chhans' store for two decades. 

"It's one of the few things that's still here. He makes them fresh and brings them right there in the mornings. It's a real American dream for them," Ms Rogers said.

Mr Chhan said he was "very appreciative" of their customers' ongoing generosity.

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