Key UK party says it won't support Brexit deal

The leaders of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's key Northern Ireland ally say they can't support the draft Brexit deal struck between the government and the European Union.

It comes as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his 27 counterparts from across the European Union converge on Brussels for a summit they hope will finally lay to rest the acrimony and frustration of a three-year divorce fight.

Support from the Democratic Unionist Party is key to Johnson's plan to get an agreement approved by parliament. But DUP leader Arlen Foster and the party's parliamentary chief Nigel Dodds say they "could not support what is being suggested on customs and consent issues."

Those arrangements are key to guaranteeing an open border between the UK's Northern Ireland and EU member Ireland — the main obstacle to a Brexit deal.

Without the DUP's support, any deal is unlikely to be ratified by the UK Parliament.

Foster and Dodds said they would continue to work with the UK government to get a "sensible" deal.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Source: Associated Press

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