'I just shot him' — Body cam vision shows officer pulling gun instead of Taser on Daunte Wright

A Black man died after being shot by police during a traffic stop in a Minneapolis suburb, sparking violent protests as officers in riot gear clashed with demonstrators and the man's mother called for calm.

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Police say Wright, 20, died after an officer mistakenly shot him at a traffic stop, thinking she had pulled out a Taser instead. Source: APTN

The man was identified by family as 20-year-old Daunte Wright, who died in a metropolitan area that was already on edge because of the trial of the first of four police officers charged in George Floyd's death.

Protesters who gathered near the scene waved flags and signs reading "Black Lives Matter."

Others walked peacefully with their hands held up. On one street, someone wrote in multi-colored chalk: "Justice for Daunte Wright."

At a news conference today, the chief of police, Tim Gannon, said it appears to him to have been an accidental discharge by the police officer.

Body camera vision shows officers approaching Wright at a traffic stop.

There is a scuffle and a female officer is heard yelling 'I will tase you' twice before saying "Taser, Taser, Taser" and firing.

She then says "Oh s***, I just shot him".