Jacinda Ardern's meeting with Trump to be a 'main attraction' of UN General Assembly

It's a big week ahead for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as she touches down in New York for the United Nations General Assembly.

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TVNZ US correspondent Rebecca Wright talks about what to expect from the PM’s visit. Source: Breakfast

All eyes are expected to be on her as she meets for her first one-on-one with US president Donald Trump.

Beforehand, though, Ms Ardern is expected to meet with UN Secretary-General António Guterres today with a focus on climate change.

Ms Ardern is also expected to give an address at the opening of the climate summit tomorrow - it'll be one of a series of high-profile meetings, including with tech leaders to discuss work on the Christchurch Call.

In a new addition to her schedule, Ms Ardern will also be meeting with UK's new Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

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The United Kingdom is facing a chaotic exit on October 31. Source: Breakfast

But the "main attraction", says 1 NEWS US correspondent Rebecca Wright, will be another "colourful character" - Mr Trump.

"Tomorrow she will meet him, they will stand in front of the world's media, shake hands," Wright said. "I'm fascinated to see how that goes because it can go a little rouge with this president from time-to-time so I hope she has been practising."

The meeting will go for 20 minutes, which Wright said would suit them well with their differences in both style and substance.

But top of the agenda is expected to be trade, specifically aluminum and steel tariffs. It's also likely she will bring up her work on the Christchurch Call - although Wright said it was "highly unlikely Trump will sign up for that in any way, shape or form".

"But it's going to be fascinating to watch the two of them interact," she added.

"We know that they have big differences on gun policy, on climate, on just about everything - but it is her job to make the very best case for New Zealand in that 20-minute meeting and that's what she will be going in there to do tomorrow."

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He says Iran will present a new Gulf peace initiative at the United Nations in coming days. Source: Breakfast

Also on the agenda at the UN general assembly, Wright said Iran is expected to "absolutely dominate" as tensions grow between the US and the nation.

It comes after drone and missile attacks on the Saudi Arabia oil site hiked up international fuel prices. The US has put blame on Iran for the attacks, but Iran denies the allegations.