Italian librarian wins right to use sick leave to care for ailing dog



Associated Press

An Italian librarian who says she considers her English Setter as a member of her family has won the right from her employer to use family sick leave to care for her ailing pet instead of having to use annual leave.

Anna with her 12-year-old dog Cucciola.

Source: Associated Press

Italian animal advocacy group LAV says it helped persuade public La Sapienza University to let her use two days' family sick leave to care for 12-year-old Cucciola.

LAV president Gianluca Felicetti said in a statement that anyone who obtains a veterinarian's certificate should enjoy the same benefit, citing Cucciola's case as precedent.

The woman said Cucciola is recovering well from surgery for a breast tumour and a larynx problem.

The woman, who is single and has no family help for Cucciola, declined to reveal her full name.

She adopted Cucciola after finding the dog abandoned in a Rome park.

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