Irish teen battling cancer shocked as strangers raise over $1 million for treatment




An Irish teenager's video has prompted more than half a million dollars in donations to fund the treatment in Texas of her rare cancer.

In an emotional video, Shauntelle Tynan, 18, talks of her rare cancer saying specialist treatment is only available in the US, and living there for a year is her only chance to survive.

She explains her cancer, known as multi-system Langheran's cell histocytosis, has "spiralled out of control", but getting to Texas will cost her family over $NZ440,000 just to send her by herself for a year at the Texas Children's Hospital in Houston.

Since posting the video on Sunday donations on her crowdfunding page sky rocketed, she's raised over $NZ1,000,000. 

"We thought there was a virus or something wrong because every time we looked at the Gofundme it was just going up. There was just thousands and thousands," said a shocked Ms Tynan, The Irish Times reports.

Ms Tynan took to Facebook to thank her followers for the support, "the people of Ireland have truly come together to help me get better and for that I'm truly thankful," she wrote.

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