Instagram outage affects thousands worldwide

Instagram has been hit by a major outage which has affected users feeds worldwide.

In the last 24 hours, Down Detector reports it has seen more than 42,000 people worldwide report probems with their photo-sharing app.

Instagram users have been unable to post new photos, view their feeds, and some have been unable to even login or access their account. 

Instagram have tweeted that they are aware of the problem.

"We know it's frustrating, and we're working quickly to fix the issue!"

Many seem to be struggling without the app.

"What am I supposed to do without instagram? Go outside? Talk to people???" said one tweeter.

Another posted "WE NEED INSTAGRAM RIGHT NOW!!!!"

Others have managed to find a silver lining to the outage, with twitter account "Funny or Die" posting "Instagram is down so don't go to the gym cause it won't count."

Most of the outages have been experienced in the US, Brazil and Western Europe, according to Down Detector.

This marks the third outage of a Facebook-owned company this week, with Facebook and Facebook Messenger both experiencing major outages.

Photo sharing app Instagram. Source: 1 NEWS