Inside Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding

In just three days Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle will be wed at St George’s Chapel in Windsor.

Millions are expected to tune in across the world to watch the big event live.

Here’s all you need to know about the wedding.

The late night viewing will proceed accordingly for New Zealand audiences on May 19-20:

- 11pm NZT (midday for them): The wedding service will being at St George's Chapel in Windsor with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rt Hon Justin Welby, officiating as Prince Harry and Ms Markle make their vows.

- Midnight NZT: the newly married couple will take a carriage procession along a route from St George's Chapel through the city of Windsor.

At this point, public access to the royal couple will end, but their own private celebrations will not.

Following the service, there will be a reception at St George's Hall for the couple and guests form the congregation. The couple will join this on return from the carriage procession.

Later that evening Charles, the Prince of Wales, will give a private evening reception for the couple and their close friends and family.

Kensington Palace says they will be revealing further details about the wedding day in the coming months.

Europe correspondent Joy Reid takes a tour through St George’s Chapel in Windsor. Source: 1 NEWS

Watch: The shocking moment an airborne beer keg hurtles into a car windscreen

A motorist in Sydney was able to see the funny side after a flying beer keg slammed into his car windscreen.

The hair-raising incident happened early yesterday as the driver was travelling on the M4 motorway in the city's west.

Video captured by the driver's dashcam has been posted on the Facebook page of Dash Cam Owners Australia.

It shows the car travelling along the busy road with the car radio on when suddenly a beer keg looms into view and smashes into the front of the vehicle with a loud crash and the sound of breaking glass.

Carolyn Woods commented on the Facebook post, saying her father was the person behind the wheel.

"He’s ok…A few scratches. The car was a write off tho...Thank god, it could of been a lot worse, the keg was empty," Ms Wood wrote.

"We had a few laughs and a beer when he got home," she added.

The video has had more than 80,000 views. 


'Walking is great!' Heart-warming video shows brave six-year-old's first steps after 'miracle recovery' from tragic car crash

A brave six-year-old Gold Coast girl is being called a medical miracle after taking her first steps since a tragic car crash which killed her grandmother and left her 99.8 per cent brain dead eight months ago.

The crash happened in Port Macquarie, NSW and her mother, who was also injured in the crash, was told that her daughter Mackinlee Anderson might not survive her injuries. 

Doctors believed if she did survive the six-year-old may never be able to talk or walk again.

"Mackinlee had horrific injuries. She had a broken pelvis in three different places, she had a ruptured bladder, a dislocated hip and a broken femur," Ms Anderson told Nine News.

"That was all on the bottom half. And then she had an extreme brain injury, with extreme brain trauma.

"We were pretty much in a place there where the doctors thought there was no hope for her."

However, inspirational footage shows Mackinlee taking her first steps since the accident and talking as she does.

"Walking is the best, walking is great," the young girl says as she makes her way unassisted down a hallway.

Her proud mum is still amazed at the miracle recovery Mackinlee has made.

"Mackinlee amazes me every day with her determination. Every day the doctors say she can't do something and the next day she can do it.

"And she walks everywhere now, around the house, everywhere. You just can't keep her still."