Inebriated good Samaritans hailed heroes after paying for injured bird's Uber ride to rescue centre

A baby Lesser Goldfinch was the sole occupant of an Uber that arrived at a Northern Utah rescue centre earlier this month.

The bird had been sent in by resident Tim Crowley, who had been drinking with friends at his neighbour's house when he saw the bird "fall from the sky", local television station KSTU reported. 

After sending a picture of the baby bird to the local wildlife rehabilitation centre, it was clear the little bird needed to be sent in for help.

Mr Crowley decided he had had too much to drink to drive the bird, that he had named "Petey", to safety himself. So he called an Uber driver to take it in for him. 

"At first it was a joke, like, 'Hey, maybe we should just call Uber!'" he said. "Then we were like, 'No, really. Why not? We're paying them.'"

The group ordered the Uber, and Crowley said the first driver canceled on them upon learning of the unique ride situation.

So they ordered a second Uber and this time they told the woman after she had pulled up. 

Staff at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre of Northern Utah said the bird, that they now call "Uber" or "Petey Uber", might have died if it hadn't received help.

"While we feel we've seen it all and can't be amazed by anything, there is always SOMEONE out there to prove us wrong," rehab centre workers wrote on Facebook.

The workers said they're seeing a record year, and more than 1600 small animals having flooded into the centre needing help.

The bird taking a nap after its long Uber ride to a rescue centre.
The bird taking a nap after its long Uber ride to a rescue centre. Source: Facebook: Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah