Indian army claims it found 'Yeti' footprints on recent mountaineering trip

The Indian Army claims to have found evidence of the mythical Yeti on a recent mountaineering excursion between Nepal and Tibet.

The Indian Army's Additional Directorate General of Public Information posted a tweet on their official Twitter account this morning that claims to contain pictures of Yeti footprints found on April 9.

"For the first time, an Indian Army mountaineering expedition team has sited (sic) mysterious footprints of mythical beast Yeti," the post reads.

"The prints measured 81 centimetres by 38 centimetres and were spotted on April 9 close to Makalu Base Camp, an isolated mountainous area between Nepal and Tibet.

"This elusive snowman has only been sighted at Makalu-Barun National Park in the past," the post continues.

CNN say they have contacted the Indian Army for more information but are yet to have a response.

On Twitter many replies to the incredible claim  have been sceptical of its scientific merit.

The Indian Army has posted pictures of what they claim are footprints from the mythical yeti found in Nepal.

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