'I'm heterosexual... please stop touching my arm' - lawmaker interrupts meeting after male colleague touches his arm

A Pennsylvanian lawmaker has been caught on video halting a public meeting after being touched on the arm.

Video of the meeting shows State Representative Daryl Metcalfe objecting to fellow State Representative Matt Bradford tapping his arm slightly while talking, as he interjected Mr Bradford mid-sentence to announce - he is a heterosexual.

“I have a wife, I love my wife. I don't like men as you might," Mr Metcalfe began.

"Stop touching me all the time."

The unexpected outburst caused laughs around the meeting, however Mr Metcalfe was not amused.

"Keep your hands to yourself. Like if you want to touch somebody, you have people on your side of the aisle that might like it. I don't," said Mr Metcalfe.

Mr Metcalfe's comments are now under scrutiny from the Governor of Pennsylvania.

Tom Wolf took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Mr Metcalfe's remarks, saying they were "offensive" and "discriminatory".

"I urge House leadership to re-examine whether it is appropriate for him to continue controlling a committee that oversees civil rights legislation," Mr Wolf said.

A gay and transgender rights group as well as a health care workers' union have requested the Republican Party strip him of his duties, according to the Pennsylvanian publication The Morning Call.

Video: Israel Institute of NZ welcomes Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem

The Israel Institute of New Zealand has welcomed today’s announcement to recognise Jerusalem as the state’s capital and it is calling on the New Zealand government to follow suit.

Israel Institute of New Zealand Director David Cumin said the move allows an opportunity for the new government to repair some of the damage done by previous ones.

The Institute believes there is no reason why the relocated US embassy should be seen as a barrier to the establishment of Palestine.

The move has faced criticism from US allies in the Muslim world.

Palestinian officials have called it a "kiss of death" for the Middle East.

However, Israel’s Prime Minister welcomed the recognition, he said the Jewish people will be “forever grateful.”

Its director is now calling for the New Zealand government to do the same. Source: 1 NEWS


Aussie MP Bob Katter goes on another bizarre same-sex marriage rant, saying boys will be forced to wear dresses

Outspoken conservative Queensland MP Bob Katter has again dumbfounded the Australian public with a bizarre suggestion that legalising gay-marriage will somehow result in teenage boys being forced to wear dresses to school.

Speaking in the Australian House of Representatives during the debate on passing a bill to legalise same-sex marriage, Mr Katter said: "Now if you want to throw a young lad between the ages of nine or 10 and the age of 15, and make him go to school wearing a dress, you seriously mess with his head."

The comments from Mr Katter come just weeks after he highlighted the frequency which Queenslanders are eaten by crocodiles as the reason he did not have time to worry about the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Australia - which he opposes.

"I mean, you know, people are entitled to their sexual proclivities. Let there be a thousand blossoms bloom, as far as I am concerned," Mr Katter said at a press conference last month.

"But I ain't spending any time on it because in the meantime, every three months, a person is torn to pieces by a crocodile in north Queensland."

The clip of Mr Katter on ABC's Insider show quickly went viral online.

Mr Katter has long campaigned for a crocodile cull in northern Queensland, to no avail.