'If you don't like it, don't watch it' – Royal Correspondent on controversial Princess Diana documentary

Robert Johnson says Diana: In Her Own Words reveals nothing that's not already known. Source: Breakfast


More than 70 flown back to China from Fiji over fraud ring

Chinese police have uncovered fraud involving more than NZ$20 million and around 200 suspects – dozens of them based in Fiji.

Last month a police team from China flew to Fiji and alongside local counterparts raided five bases related to an illegal online gambling and lottery gang.

According to China’s Ministry of Public Security, 77 suspects were arrested and equipment including computers and mobile phones were seized.

The 77 suspects from Fiji are accused of being involved in more than 50 cases of fraud and were flown back to China this weekend.

More suspects have been arrested in Indonesia and China and their victims are based across 20 Chinese provinces.


Christchurch protest against Trump's Paris withdrawal takes on green shade

A group has set up the project to encourage people to pledge trees to a global forest. Source: 1 NEWS