Hundreds of residents on Vanuatu's Ambae island evacuated as fears of volcanic eruption grow

Hundreds of the most vulnerable residents on an island in Vanuatu have been evacuated today, as the community flees an erupting volcano.

All 11,000 residents of Ambae Island have been told to leave.

Small planes and boats have taken about 500 out of harm's way so far.

"I certainly think they're very calm, and very orderly on the island. There's no panic, there's been no disturbances, we haven't seen any reports of looting," Vanuatu Daily Post's Dan McGarry told 1 NEWS.

"People are upset, obviously they're concerned, but they seem to be taking it in stride and doing their very best to cope with the very difficult situation."

More ships are on their way to the island, but it is expected to take up to a week to evacuate everyone.

Hundreds of residents on an island in Vanuatu have been evacuated as the community flees an erupting volcano. Source: 1 NEWS

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Christchurch's Student Volunteer Army out in force to help quake affected neighbours in Kaikoura

Christchurch's Student Volunteer Army has been out in force again.

Today lending a hand to their earthquake affected neighbours in Kaikoura.

A hundred volunteers worked with the Department of Conservation on the Kaikoura Peninsula walkway.

Helping to get the track in shape for the town's upcoming tourist season.

The students efforts are part of the group's fourth biannual camp, aimed at helping communities outside of Christchurch City.

A hundred volunteers worked alongside DOC to help get the Kaikoura Peninsula walkway in shape for tourist season. Source: 1 NEWS