Hundreds of human bone fragments found at Aussie rockpool; police don't know why

Mystery is surrounding the discovery of more than 400 pieces of human bones that were found at a Melbourne rockpool earlier this year.

More than 400 bone fragments were found at the Ricketts Point rockpools. Source: Victoria Police

Staff from Parks Victoria came across the bones in the foreshore rock pools at Ricketts Point in Beaumaris last January, Nine News reported.

Detectives believe that the bones were put there recently, given the location of the bones and the changing tides.

Investigations since have fallen blank, including search and rescue teams failing to find clues, crematoriums being contacted and months of forensic testing.

However, staff at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine confirmed the bones are believed to be of a woman aged over 20, and that her bottom back teeth were missing pre-death.

Detective Sergeant Maurie Ryan of the missing persons squad told Nine News, "over the past 18 months we've done an enormous amount of work trying to determine exactly who this woman is".

"Was she left here by loved ones? Was she murdered? We just don’t know."

Now missing persons officers, who are reviewing cold cases in an effort to solve the case, have appealed for help.

"The circumstances of these bones being located are certainly unusual, however we can’t definitively say that it’s suspicious at this stage," Detective Maurie Ryan said.

"There is definitely a story behind these bones and it’s one we want to know – and there will definitely be someone out there who can tell it to us."