Huge surge in number of Mexicans trying to flee the US to Canada

Canada says it detained more refugees in the past two months than it did during all of 2016 - and it's likely to do with Trump's migrant crackdown. Source: 1 NEWS

Man drives up to White House claiming to have a bomb, arrested by Secret Service

The US Secret Service have detained a man who drove up to the White House and claimed to have a bomb in his vehicle. 

The incident occurred just after 11pm US time, but President Donald Trump was not at the White House, he was at his Florida estate. 

There was no confirmation on the presence of explosives in the vehicle, CNN reported. 

A week ago, a man breached the White House grounds, claiming to be a friend of Trump, and was on the grounds for more than 15 minutes. 

White House


Frustrated Kiwi farmers in Australia say they feel like 'second-class citizens'

New Zealand dairy farmers in Australia say they're finding themselves snubbed by the government and relying on food parcels to get though the ongoing global milk crisis. 

At the crux of the issue is the inability of many Kiwis to become Australian citizens.

"Sometimes we get really angry about it because we do pay taxes," said Kiwi farmer Maria Comer.

"You feel like you're a second-class citizen, mostly."

The local Lions club of Moira Shire, three hours north of Melbourne, has been helping dozens of Kiwi families since May last year. 

State senator Bridget McKenzie says discussions are taking place around loosening the conditions for Kiwis to apply for Australian citizenship, but talk means little when for the Kiwi families who still need to depend on charity to survive. 

Many are surviving on food parcels to get through the global milk crisis and the crux of the issue is the inability to become Australian citizens. Source: 1 NEWS