Hospitals in UK to trial new treatment for Covid-19

Hospitals in the UK are set to begin trialling a new treatment for Covid-19 which involves the use of antibodies.

At present there are very few medicines that can help virus patients during their battle.

This trial will see around 2000 people in the UK given monoclonal antibodies which are laboratory-made, according to the BBC.

It forms part of the UK Recovery Trial which found that a cheap steroid called dexamethasone could save lives.

Groundbreaking new research touts steroid treatment for Covid-19 patients needing critical care

Professor Martin Landray from the University of Oxford told BBC there are "lots of good reasons" to believe the trial might be effective. 

Landray said it could improve survival for patients, stop the virus from reproducing and stop it from causing damage.

Those involved in the trial will be given the new drugs in the coming weeks.