'I hope it happens quick' – Kiwi mum in Guam reveals her heartbreaking fears of North Korean missile strike


Kiwi Cindy Hanson knows she has fourteen minutes to get home to be with her teenage son before a North Korean missile strikes Guam.

Cindy Hanson knows she only has minutes to get home to her teenage son before a North Korean missile strike.
Source: 1 NEWS

And she also knows if she's at work, she won't get there in time.

"So I've said to him …chances I would not make it home you are going to be here by yourself this is what I want you to do. To have that conversation with your child that was really hard, that was really hard".

Guam is once again on high alert as the US is due to start its ten day military exercise with South Korea later today.

North Korea views it as preparation for war and yesterday its official Government newspaper said the upcoming drills are: "reckless behaviour driving the situation into the uncontrollable phase of a nuclear war".

Last week's announcement that it had finalised plans to fire four missiles towards Guam, a US military base, has put the island's residents on edge.

Cindy Hanson, whose mother is a New Zealander, says many of the children on the island have been affected by the threat – her god-daughter's son is so scared he sleeps by her bed.

Residents have been told by the Homeland Security Office to stock up supplies like batteries and non-perishable food and to tape up windows with plastic.

But she says Guamanian's are using a great sense of humour to tide them through these tense times and they have faith their military will protect them.

"If you gotta go there are worse place you could go at, Guam is beautiful we're a lovely people we pray it doesn't happen but if it does I hope it happens quick".

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