Where will it hit? Out-of-control Chinese space station's impact zone 'nailed down'

A Chinese space station, which is currently hurtling out-of-control through space, is likely to crash into the US, avoiding New Zealand.

The South Island and lower North Island as seen from the International Space Station. Source: Twitter/ Ignazio Magnani

According to experts the Tiangong-1 is set to re-enter Earth's atmosphere and crash into earth around April 3, the Daily Mail reports.

The craft weighs 8.5 tonnes and has been in danger of hitting Earth since it was lost in 2016. The space station is believed to contain the toxic chemical hydrazine.

While its exact re-entry location can't be pinpointed, space agencies believe the doomed piece of space junk now has a high chance of slamming into lower Michigan in the US.

The US research organisation Aerospace thinks debris from the station will re-enter Earth's atmosphere around April 3 and then crash into lower Michigan.

According to latitude estimates released by the European Space Agency last week, the top of the South Island and the North Island of New Zealand were last week at risk from the station's re-entry.

However, the latest update now seems to put New Zealand in the clear - although it's bad news for those in lower Michigan who will now be on high alert.