Highway patrol 'couldn't believe' baby sea lion found on busy California freeway

A baby sea lion wandered onto a busy highway in South San Francisco yesterday, stopping vehicles and alarming motorists before officials whisked it away.

"When we got the call I couldn't really believe there's a sea lion on the freeway," California Highway Patrol officer Roger Pereira said. "Usually we get, you know, dogs, cats, things like that but at first was like, "we'll see when we get there" but sure enough when we got there was an actual sea lion."

Motorists had tried to shoo the sea lion to safer ground, with one man getting out of his car to herd the sea lion with a handkerchief.

Highway patrol succeeded in getting the animal into a patrol car.

It was taken to the Peninsula Humane Society and will be transported to the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California.

The sea lion will then move to a rehabilitation pool to recover.

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    The sea mammal halted traffic and alarmed motorists before officials whisked it away. Source: Associated Press