High school teacher who took student home for sex gets support of boy's parents who say pair were in love

The parents of an 18-year-old boy, who was having an affair with a female teacher, reportedly asked police not to prosecute, saying the pair were very much in love.

The US teacher, Tayler Boncal, 22, has been accused of sexually assaulting one of her male students after the pair exchanged phone numbers and then had sex at her home four times over the space of three weeks.

Shas been charged with three counts of second degree sexual assault over the incidents which took place in New Britain, Connecticut between December 25 and January 11 of this year.

But according to WTIC TV, the arrest warrant says the relationship was consensual and initiated by the victim.

Pregnant former teacher jailed after having sex with teen student in school storage cupboard

The West Hartford School System reportedly alerted local police of the allegations after she was fired in December.

In a Statement given by Boncal to police, which was obtained by the Daily Mail, the teacher also expressed that she was in love with the student.

"She stated that the victim was kind to her. Boncal stated that she loved the victim and was emotional regarding her feelings for him," part of the statement reads.

Boncal joined Conard High School in West Hartford as a student teacher in April 2017 and the relationship between her and the student began after the pair exchanged phone numbers in December.

Talking to police, the student explained that they first had intercourse at Boncal's home around Christmas, he said she then performed oral sex on him.

Three more sexual encounters followed at her home, before another student reported the relationship to the school's principal on January 12 and Boncal was called in to explain.

Both the student and his family said they didn't wish to press charges against the teacher, but she was placed on administrative leave and later questioned by police leading to the charges being laid in court last week.

Although the boy is of legal age, the court deemed it to be sexual assault due to the teacher/student relationship.

Boncal will serve at least nine-months behind bars if convicted, with the maximum sentence being 10-years imprisonment.

Tayler Boncal, 22, is accused of sexually assaulting one of her students.
Tayler Boncal, 22, is accused of sexually assaulting one of her students. Source: New Britain Police Department


Widespread flooding in Samoa as Cyclone Gita leaves its mark

Considerable flooding is being reported in many parts of Samoa after torrential rain fell overnight, including in the capital of Apia.

The country has experience extensive flooding overnight from the storm now being called Cyclone Gita. Source: 1 NEWS

Footage from Apia shows very deep water with many buildings inundated.

Images from Apia show the extent of flooding on February 10
Images from Apia show the extent of flooding on February 10. Source: 1 NEWS

About 233 people have been evacuated to evacuation centres and power is out in parts of the country.

The Disaster Management Office is now assessing the damage.

The country has been on alert since a cyclone warning was issued earlier this week for the potential impact of the storm now being called Cyclone Gita.

A toppled container in Apia after strong winds hit the Samoan capital on February 10
A toppled container in Apia after strong winds hit the Samoan capital on February 10. Source: 1 NEWS

Latest estimates suggest the winds from the storm could ramp up in Samoa today, but considerable rainfall has already been recorded.

The Samoa Observer reported that flights were cancelled yesterday between Apia and Auckland, as well as from Sydney to Apia.

A Special Weath Bulletin has been issued by the Samoa Meteorological Service and residents across Samoa are warned to expect heavy rain, very strong winds and big swells today.

Meanwhile, it is still unclear whether the storm could track towards New Zealand.

MetService's latest update on tropical cyclone activity said as of 4pm yesterday the storm was still not technically a cyclone, and is currently considered to only be a tropical depression, but also said the chance of it becoming one was high.

The forecaster said it should curve south toward Niue on Sunday, then turn west towards Tonga on Monday, and could track south of Fiji on Tuesday.



'UFO' spotted in the background during Spacex live video

Conspiracy theorists are buzzing after someone pointed out an unidentified flying object which appeared in the background of SpaceX's live video from their 'Starman' Tesla.

The company, headed by Elon Musk, launched a cherry red Tesla roadster into space this week, and as part of the launch they published a live video feed from the car as it slowly drifted away from Earth.

During the feed, a small object can be seen in the background, seemingly in orbit around Earth and travelling at high speed.

Some have jumped to a conclusion that it could be an alien craft - curiously watching the unusual event - but others have theorised that it was much more likely to be a piece of space junk or a man-made object.

The United States Strategic Command estimated that the number of large man-made objects in orbit was about 17,852 as of 2016.