'High chance' tropical cyclone will hit Fiji by end of week, MetService says

Fiji is likely to be in for severe weather later this week, with a high risk of a tropical cyclone developing in the region.

Source: 1 NEWS

This morning a tropical depression was located between the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu, its course meaning it could likely develop into a full-blown cyclone.

MetService meteorologist, Lewis Ferris told 1 NEWS that however it develops, Fiji will be adversely affected.

"There is uncertainty about where the track of the tropical depression will go, but what is certain is that Fiji will be affected over the weekend."

He said over Christmas Day, Fiji would have mostly fine weather, until evening, when cloud and showers are expected to emerge.

However, on Thursday, there is a "high chance" the depression will turn into a serious cyclone. 

"It's getting a lot of moisture. Looking at the environment, everything is favourable for the system to be deep and intense, at least a Category 3 or more at this stage," MetService meteorologist Bill Singh told Stuff.

The Fijian Government released a statement yesterday, warning mariners and members of the public to remain "alert and vigilant".

"For mariners, strong winds with rough seas could be expected from Wednesday and anticipated to further deteriorate in the weekend as the system closes in.

"Members of the public are advised to remain alert and vigilant. Take warnings and advisories from relevant authorities seriously when issued and remain prepared at all times," the statement said.