'Hi Mum. Hi Dad. Love ya' - girl with Down syndrome the star as she video bombs TV presenter

A TV report from an Australian shopping mall ended with what the presenter calls one of the nicest "video bombs" he's had while filming. 

Scott Linden was talking to the camera about politics as part of a 7 Local News segment called 'Street Talk' when a girl with Down syndrome came into view behind him inside the mall in Mackay, Queensland.

Video of the moment, which has gone viral on social media, shows the girl named Georgia clapping, adjusting her hair and waving, with Mr Linden slowly becoming aware he's not alone in the shot.

"Is someone there?" he asks.

Turning to see the girl, he says: "Hello, how are you?"

"Good thanks," she replies politely.

Georgia disappears from view but the presenter offers her more air time, asking: "Do you want to say hello to the camera?"

"Hello," says Georgia, waving and smiling. "Hi Mum. Hi Dad. Love ya!"

The clip had had 19,000 views on Facebook within hours of being posted today and more than 200 comments, including from the presenter himself.

"One of the nicest 'video bombs' I've had while filming Street Talk. Hi Georgia," Mr Linden posted.

Jessica Tate wrote: "Georgia Knoll you really do make the world a happier place."

The consensus among viewers was that Georgia was great on camera, Dannielle Fenech posting: "What a superstar! She'd make a great co host."